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The Laughs

Ryan's Take on being Fancy

So, here we are, sitting beachside at a fairly romantic restaurant.  The sky is blue and the sand is brown, as you would imagine.  After glancing over the menu multiple times after multiple times and google translating what we could, the waiter comes by and asks if we are ready for the third time.  Embarrassed to say we need more time, we felt half comfortable with our decisions.  First, we tried ordering the  Pastitsio (a baked pasta dish that we both agreed sounded delicious), however, after a confident mispronunciation, the waiter informed us the restaurant was out of the Pastitsio for the night.  By now, the waiter could tell we needed help and quickly recommended the Moussaka (a potato-based casserole, ours made with eggplant).  Cytarah and I also decided to live life to the fullest this fine afternoon and ordered the shrimp.  We had the option of a grilled or fried plate.  This is really where we felt like fools.  We both imagined the fried shrimp as popcorn shrimp like you would order from Red Lobster.  When the dishes were served, we were awarded a larger than average plate of fried shrimp.  FRIED SHRIMP. The shrimp still had their eyes on them.  Well, this must have been fancier than we have ever lived because neither of us knew how to eat these.  We quickly looked around at other tables to see how the locals were eating their shrimp.  Did they twist the heads off?  Did they pull the tail from the body?  Did they remove the shell and legs? We quickly found out that no other table had the shrimp.  I did some far from quick google searches (the internet speed was not quite sufficient for my needs at this time), we never really found a solid answer so we just pulled everything away from the meat of the shrimp and after dinner was left with a larger than average plate of shrimp heads, tails, shells, and legs. Being fancy, we covered our plate of shrimp remains with a dinner napkin to hide our shame, quickly paid and left. And that is how to live fancy.