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The Lovers



My name is Cytarah! I'm the writing half of TwoShadesOfTravel! I'm from Texas, (born and raised baby) but left for the palm trees and beaches of California, as soon as I could! I left for Los Angeles with a car full of my things (mostly clothes) and no room for anyone else! What is it like moving halfway across the country by yourself?  It is intimidating and exciting and scary and fulfilling in a way that nothing else has ever been. Until now... Living in Los Angeles is its own adventure. From what I've heard from my fellow relocators, there is no place like LA. So much to see and do and spend money on! Honestly, it is one of the most expensive cities to live in but the experience is well worth it. I had the opportunity to have jobs that I never would have had outside of California including becoming a tour guide at Universal Studios (forever one of my favorite jobs because of my fellow guides), a grower/trimmer at a cannabis grow warehouse, worked as a budtender at a dispensary (What up my Zen ladies!) and for my last year and a half, I was a manager at an escape room company on Melrose Ave. (Melrose crew what it doooo). Like most people in Los Angeles, I grew up wanting to perform and one of the things that drew me to acting was the traveling aspect of it all. You get to go all over the world whilst playing dress up! When I tried to narrow down exactly what it is I wanted to do with my life, I kept coming back to the idea of traveling the world. I'm all about experiences and having stories to tell.  The idea of living out of a suitcase always intrigued me. It seemed like such a farfetched dream that it wasn't until I met the love of my life, my partner in crime, my best friend, Ryan, that I even thought about doing that for real. There is something about being with a likeminded individual who also thinks you can do anything you want, that gives you the fuel to change your life. We started talking about traveling the world and then talking turned to planning and then planning turned into, wait, are we doing this, which turned into hell ya we are!  Now let me tell you, quitting your job and putting your belongings in storage and leaving home is a beast of a situation but I would have it no other way! I'm so excited to share all of our experiences with you and hope my words always leave you feeling inspired and encouraged!



Here I am writing (not just because Cytarah is making me... okay, it is).  In college, the first essay I ever wrote was on cooking.  I put a lot of effort into that paper describing the hardship that goes into cooking.  First, you must start thinking about food before you are even hungry, then you must decide on what to prepare (not to mention all the effort and energy it takes to actually complete the task of cooking), and finally all the pots and pans, dishes if you will, that you must now clean because you have dirtied them.  I was proud of this paper and felt it was a great American classic.  I received a C.  I then realized writing was not for me which led me through trials and errors in other collegiate courses of public speaking (speeches on zoo animals) and communication (just general moments of discomfort for all).  I now stand firm on who I am today and take pride in being able to create awkward silence and linguistic nightmares.  If you don't believe in yourself then who can you believe in? ... besides Elvis Presley of course.  Anyways, about me.  I like the color red and every Sylvester Stallone movie ever made.  It is also true that I am from Wisconsin, so of course, I enjoy a good chunk of cheese with my beer while I watch my beloved Green Bay Packers.  I spend my free time doing what Cytarah tells me (happy wife, happy life) and I tend to do too much research on decisions which often leads to missed opportunities, but on the bright side, I never have buyer's remorse.  I do very often though have the opposite, non-buyer's remorse.  Bye............

So, Cytarah said I need to write more about myself (again, happy wife, happy life).  I moved to California in 2014 to pursue a career in stunts.  I quickly realized, I knew no one in Los Angeles and pursuing careers is hard.  I began to work as a performer in a theme park and soon found my self doing stunts at a dinner theatre! Yay, I'm doing what I wanted! Unfortunately, it is expensive to live in the city and I needed something more reliable.  I moved into a full-time position at the theme park and started to work my way up.  I had to say goodbye to my stunt life, but hey, at least I can live and relax... NOT!  Let me see you work work work work work (I often sang in the office with the lights dimmed).  Really, I did love my job, however, it was a lot and not exactly what I wanted to be doing with my life, so Cytarah and I started teasing with the idea of traveling.  Fast forward about a year and here we are, traveling!  Everything happened so fast but thanks to my handy dandy research (Cytarah gets a lot of credit here as well, she was a research machine), I feel that we are as prepared as we can be for our first go at it.  Live fast and die young... does that mean if you live slow you die old?  Eh, to one's each.