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About the Blog!

Welcome! If you're here, we hope it's because you are excited about traveling or want to know what we're doing or are getting research for your own travels! Whatever brought you here, thanks for visiting! We know there are so many amazing travel blogs out there and each one can inspire you in different ways. We hope that our ongoing story shows you what it looks like to live a life you love! Our site is not only about traveling, it is about us, as individuals, as a couple and as travelers. You'll get an insight into who we are and why we are doing, well, whatever it is we are doing at the time you check this site out! Our goal is to inspire everyone to take back their life and do what makes them happy and makes their soul shine!

We will do our best to paint an accurate picture, meaning the good, the bad and all the in-between of what it is to leave your old life behind and start a new one! You'll find information about how we got started, why we are traveling and fun stories from each place! We'll be sharing pictures, advice, tips and details about the trips we've taken, the one we are on now and the ones to come! Life should be a nonstop adventure so let's get to it shall we!