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Updated: Dec 17, 2018

When we were looking for hotels in Paris, we had quite a few options as you can guess and all of them seemed perfect. That city truly is magical and the hotels are no exception. I had only one requirement for our hotel and that was a balcony. I wanted a balcony that we could eat and drink on and watch the beautiful city from below. Ryan and I decided we wanted to spend the first couple of nights in Montmartre so that's where we looked for a place to stay. We made a great decision by staying there because that area is so romantic and lovely and picturesque! Ryan searched for a hotel with a balcony that was in a safe area and came upon a winner. We had the sincere pleasure of spending our very first two nights in France at the Be You Apart'Hotel in Montmartre. We were hesitant at first with it being such a new property but we finally found a few reviews and looked at the pictures and couldn't resist its charm!

I'm so glad we went with our instincts because our stay was perfect! We were greeted by the two very lovely people who were running the hotel and they made us feel welcome right away. She showed us to our room personally and made sure everything was great, which it definitely was. Our room, the La So Nude room 601, was amazing and weirdly enough it was exactly the kind of decor we would have chosen for ourselves! The balcony was exactly what I had pictured and I couldn't have been happier! The room was spacious with a little living room complete with a couch with big windows behind it. There was a kitchen with complimentary coffee and snacks. After the long trip we had, we made use of the espresso machine right away. The bed was so comfortable with plugs on both sides and we were able to open the balcony windows on the other side of the bed while we slept. The bathroom has an open concept shower with antique touches and was one of the most unique bathrooms I had ever seen. They also had complimentary slippers in the closet for us to use!

The location of the hotel could not be more perfect if you are arriving by metro. We only had to walk half a block to get to our hotel and that was such a blessing considering we had so much heavy luggage with us. It rained our second day and only having to walk a short distance to the metro was once again, a blessing! There are also numerous places to get delicious food and bars to grab a drink! We went to Pain Pain bakery in the mornings on 88 Rue des Martyrs and they were lovely and the food was delicious! You can also walk to Van Gogh's apartment, the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, and the Place du Tertre. It is in such a great location, we never took transportation to get around Montmartre, we just enjoyed the walk and the views of the lovely city.

When we were researching Montmartre, we kept seeing posts about being careful in the area around Moulin Rouge and this hotel is a block away. The reviews we saw for the hotel, however, said the area was safe and they never felt scared. We have to agree with them. We felt completely safe. Yes, there are sex shops and smoke shops around but if you read our blog posts on The Lovers page then you know we had lived in the middle of Hollywood and honestly, this was no different. The Moulin Rouge is such a big tourist attraction, especially at night so the area is always busy and always alive. The energy is vibrant and lively on that street and we loved it!

If you get the opportunity to visit Montmartre I highly recommend staying at the Be You Apart'Hotel. If you want a room with a view, I personally recommend room 601 the La So Nude. We booked our room through Airbnb but you can also book it through their website and look at pictures of the rooms as well at

I hope you enjoy your stay!