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The Long and Winding Road

When planning our trip to Romania, we chanced upon an article from CNN Travel that listed the 10 best road trips in the world. We were thrilled to see the Transfagarasan Road in Romania on the list and knew immediately we wanted to drive that route. Ryan did extensive research on renting cars and in the end we went with SIXT rental company. We were able to pick our car up at the airport in Bucharest which is where we started our trip. Keep an eye

on the blog for tips and information on our time in Bucharest and Brasov and all the castles we visited! For now I want to focus on the amazing road trip that was the highlight of our time in Romania.

We started our road trip after coming from Hunedora. It had been raining the day before and the morning of our drive so when we started out, it was quite foggy. We thought we wouldn't be able to see anything but if you check out our pictures from various parts of the drive, you can see that we were still able to get a whimsical like view of the road, with the fog making it seem like a magical land.

As we drove, we pulled over multiple times to appreciate the view and what a view it was! I have never seen anything like the picture perfect display of nature above, below, all around me. It will forever be imprinted in my memory. At one point we stopped about halfway up the mountain and watched the cars disappear and reappear through the fog while they winded their way up and down the mountain. There are small waterfalls, deep valleys, plateaus, tiny streams, and tree covered mountains throughout the road trip. As we made our way to other side of the mountain, the fog cleared and we were finally able to get a clear view of the majestic wonder we had just driven around. We were thrilled we were able to experience the fog and a clear view as well, it was the best of both worlds.

As you make your way down the road you'll encounter other people taking advantage of this scenic route so be sure to be cautious when driving and when pulling over. There are numerous spots where you can pull over and get some amazing pictures of all different angles of the drive. Some places may be packed with cars already but don't worry there are so many options for stopping, you can always keep driving until you find a spot. If you want

to turn the road trip into an all day adventure, you easily can. There are not only restaurants

along the route but there are little stands selling everything from meats to cheese to toys. You can buy a whole meal or snacks and pull over to have a picnic on the mountainside. A meal out there surrounded by mountains covered in greenery is a beautiful way to get in touch with nature. If you love animals, hopefully you'll be as lucky as we were and encounter a few donkeys not only on the mountains but also right on the road! We even had a donkey come to the window! There are also numerous sheep grazing all around the mountainside so keep your camera ready.

Before we even finished the trip we were already making plans to come back and ride a gondola lift through the mountains which looked like such a great time! There are campsites near that area and we can't wait to spend a couple nights out in that entrancing area. If you want to do this trip, I recommend getting a car so you can stop as many times as you want and enjoy the experience to the fullest. You'll want to take cash with you because most places do not accept credit/debit cards and you will want to stop at one of those shops along the way! We fit the road trip into our day after visiting Corvin Castle which you'll see on our map and it was a longer route for us to take back to Bucharest, but we chose it purposefully and gave ourselves enough time to go that way. Make sure you have enough time to not only take that route but to really experience it! Buckle up, drive safe and enjoy the ride!